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Fashion and what I wear is one of the few things in my life that I strictly do for myself. Most people dress for others. I dress like no one is watching. My clothing picks directly affect how I feel and vice versa. Use this look book to inspire you. Get ideas, see what is in trend, how to put looks together, and where the good places to shop are if you are on a budget.  It will inspire your creative side while showing you a little slice of my life. Check back for weekly updates! :)


Overalls – Forever 21 $22.80, Button Down – Ross $19.99, Black Tee – Ross $7.99, Necklace – Juicy Couture


There is nothing more comfortable than overalls. It doesn’t hurt that they look effortlessly stylish.


Strolling through Waldo




Waldo lights



Union Jack 4/12/14


I am a sucker for a union jack print. It looks effortless and chic.


Keep your leather jackets out. They are an all year round staple.

On a cool summer evening, pair your leather jacket with denim shorts.


Union Jack Sweater – Forever 21 $21.80, Leather Jacket – Bebe’s (old),

Cord pants – Standard Style Sale, Citizens of Humanity $29.99, Boots – Forever 21 (old), Hat – Urban Outfitter’s Sale


Maddie blends in with the trees


Diggin’ in the sand


Skate Park 4/2/14


skate park

“This is not a love song” Tee – Standard Style Sale $9.99, Jeggings – Ross $14.99, Necklace – Forever 21 $12.99, Beanie – Standard Style Sale $6.99,

Converse – Nordstrom Old, Sunglasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs

skate park1

If you are looking for big statement accessories, forever 21 is the mecca of low priced accessories


Vest – Urban Outfitter’s Sale $19.99

skate park4

Bathin’ in the sun


Happy girl

skate park7

Hittin’ the pavement

skate park5

Catchin’ Air

They Call Me Mellow Yellow 3/25/2014


I have a soft spot for paisley and bold outlandish prints. :) Paisley button down – Red Racks Thrift Store $3.99,

Mustard Pants – Sears Outlet $7.99, Hat -Forever 21 $4.99


Since it is FINALLY spring, I’m bringing out the bright bold colors.


Mixing red and yellow gives off a sunshine aura


If you can’t be in New York, bring the city to you


Leather details are HUGE for. It looks fabulous on jacket, shirt, and pant trim.


Leather trimmed jacket – Target $39.99, Faux leather pleated skirt – Target clearance $17.99, Suede booties $29.99


Dress a leather skirt down with a fitted tee. If you’re not a skirt kinda gal, leather pants and leggings are just as stylish.


Yay Maddie!! It’s skirt weather!


It isn’t necessary to spend a small fortune on real leather pieces. There are a lot of faux leather garments that look just as fab as actual leather.

Save an animal and the cash in your wallet.


If you’re not into high heels, booties always look great with a skirt.


Add a pop of color with a patterned scarf.


So that the leather trimmed jacket is the main focus, pair it with a simple tee.


41 Action News 11/12/13

One of the Boys 11/5/13

b creek5
I’ve always been most comfortable in boys clothing with a hint of femininity. It makes me powerful and feminine at the same time.

b creek6

Oversized Sweater (Orvis) – Red Racks $7.99, Tartan Button Down (Seven) – Ross $19.99,

Leggings – Target $9.99, Wide Brim Hat – Forever 21 Sale $4.99

b creek4

Don’t eat that Maddie.

b creek

Oversized sweaters and tartan button downs are huge staples in my closet.

b creek3

Midi ring – Forever 21 $4.99


Don’t be afraid of oversized accessories. Everything in moderation.


An oversized watch can change a look dramatically

Fall Ponchos 10/29/13


I will always love ponchos and capes. Lucky for me, they are very in style this fall.

There is something so cozy about curling up in oversized clothing with a giant cup of coffee. Don’t you think?


Poncho (Jessica Simpson) – Ross $29.99, Denim (as seen before) $29.99, Stocking Cap (as seen before)

Red Racks $.99, Leather bag (BCBG) Originally $300, purchased for $9.99 at Name Brand Clothing


This leather bag I scored was missing the strap. I used a long scarf with a pattern that I loved to replace it.


You’re so funny Maddie.


I love the color orange. It makes me happy. It’s such a warm color even when it’s chilly out.


Maddie gave up about half way through our day


I snagged the jewelry at Red Racks.  My necklace and bangle were $1 a piece.

Jujoustyle on Channel 41

Preppy Plaid 10/22/13

so park2jpg

As the warm days become few and far between, Maddie and I make sure to take advantage of the sun.

so park 6 Red J Crew Blazer – Free at a clothing swap, Plaid button down – Urban Outfitters (old), Denim -Pacific Sunwear $29.99, Boots – ALDO online sale

so park1jpgA bright colorful blazer can be an easy substitute for black or gray. Don’t be afraid of the color.

so park4If you aren’t a super preppy gal (which I am not), pair the look with some grungy boots to bring down the prep-o-meter

so park3I found this gem at a garage sale for $.50

so park5

I could write a book on how versatile a blazer is. You can dress any look up or down with this must have piece.

You don’t have to go blazer crazy and have them in every color like yours truly, but it’s a definite staple that should be in your closet.

so park7This $9.99 leopard investment was worth it! I wear my Kohl’s watch all the time!

so parkI love plaid! This print can go from preppy to grunge. It can be used for any type of look depending on how to accessorize it.

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