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Fashion and what I wear is one of the few things in my life that I strictly do for myself. Most people dress for others. I dress like no one is watching. My clothing picks directly affect how I feel and vice versa. Use this look book to inspire you. Get ideas, see what is in trend, how to put looks together, and where the good places to shop are if you are on a budget.  It will inspire your creative side while showing you a little slice of my life. Check back for weekly updates! :)

I’m Not Sorry 2/20/15

I'm not sorryIt might be freakin’ freezing outside, but it’s going to take more than a little weather to keep me and Maddie from strolling around town.

imnotsorry1Leopard Vest – Kulture on 39th, $12.99, “I’m Not Sorry” Sweatshirt – Kulture on 39th, $9.99, Brooklyn Hat – H&M $9.99

3sYnBpS-utDGgktEY1gkosrAISwdc_FER5n2P0bRS-4Nike High Tops – Kulture on 39th – $24.99

imnotsorry3Maddie thinks I’m insane.

Maddie’s Skull Sweater – Petsmart, $9.99 Clearance

imnotsorry4If you aren’t sure what to pair with leopard, black and red will never fail you. Red perfectly contrasts leopard print.

DH8ZOscES6L3TS_7FsBgH_16bbEl681_QdGtq6CpIAcMy Brooklyn hat helps keep NYC on my mind.

imnotsorry6I love you too.

36J6H1KPdNKVg59kHrgwTaTHehoPg0Hd4Mj-K8qCm7sKulture on 39th – A Thrift Boutique, 1301 W 39th st. KCMO It doesn’t get much cooler than this store. Check it out!


imnotsorry9Be confident about your decisions.


Don’t look back.

Mix ‘N’ Match 2/9/2015

04ie9FeTnnO55wvpPLMGBwpqnnNfsDPiHBekoWtVEzsThis is an extreme example, but mixing prints can be really fun! Make sure you stay within the same color scheme when mixing.

9iF9yAhVOhbngPoe0zyhKXEGs2mFJxsfHPrazsU_Tn0Pants – Kulture on 39th (1301 W 39th St. KCMO) $15.99, Top – Kulture on 39th $19.99,

Blazer – Kulture on 39th $15.99, Hat – Urban Outfitters Sale $9.99

vfA1W59n8Y3lLy8BaiPo1Le5jNXqC3X2Oo28gpU2eFEWhatever you are wearing, wear it with confidence. You don’t need a permission slip.

FCyjvPbI02YZYdcm_wKBw6Tkyn54Gh3L-v1Sf9BFIeoIf you get nervous about mixing prints, break up the look with something solid.

i.e. If you’re mixing tops and bottoms, pair it with a  solid blazer to tone it down.

F-Y9upNllJ_QIdDl1KdaQ9-pzuTaGMVIDoIMDQHe5e0Distribute your prints evenly across your outfit. For example, your prints should be on top and bottom.

The more confined the print mixing, the busier it will look.

Denim, Flannel, and Fringe 1/26/15


Leather Fringe skirt – Kulture on 39th $29.99, Denim Button Down – Kulture on 39th $12.99, Flannel – Kulture on 39th $12.99,  Bolo – Kulture on 39th $9.99

Photography: Roy Inman

HakGcc-KFRfpX_AudDfrzjvAsMp-ciWfVYTipfRC33gFringe and suede are all over the spring runways. Mix black and brown together. It’s not a sin. Maddie and I do it well.

lLbTH3cyJTLhYpUcmvqxSyZLtl6fzwrM2H5kVIyOVgIAs I’m sure you know by now, I’m a big fan of layering…especially when the weather is finicky.

I always have an extra flannel with me. They look with almost everything.

5JBqRHsnlfUySyT6bZxMKOPf2OMe7e1K0iOr8revGP4Denim and flannel are staples in my closet. I wear them for 3 out of the 4 seasons. They are so easy to wear and look so effortlessly chic.

FcJVh4BqwAxC0hwIGffUM8tk-v3XEdTbbvGKzlmdXb4Enjoying a warm day in January

1KJgSmeGtf6ED2y7-1G9jHHlPx47m40yAuvSC5nJLBcI love you, Maddie

Winter Wonderland 1/4/15

winterwonderlandHappy New Year! Sequin Hand Beaded Dress – Kulture on 39th, A Thrift Boutique $29.99, Gold Metallic Flats – Kulture, on 39th, A Thrift Boutique $9.99

winterwonderland1Maddie helps me remember, even when it’s raining ice, there are still things to embrace.

winterwonderland2Baby, it’s cold outside.

winterwonderland3Sequins are not just for New Years. You can rock sequins all year round. They will never go out of style.

Sequins Galore 9/11/14












Fall Fashion Tips on KCTV5

Bigger is Better…Oversized 8/24/14

Hv6QYXMkufhOQnygowKN1ETFF-WUhO599gVtGMP0zmEOversized Sweatshirt – Lulu’s Boutique (Marc by Marc Jacobs) $34, Leather Leggings – BCBG $89,

Gold Snakeskin Tennis shoes – Marc by Marc Jacobs Sale $98, Skull Tank – Express Sale $9.99, Starburst Necklace – House of Harlow Sale $22.00,

Gold Spike Earrings – Lulu’s Boutique $12


Oversized sweaters and coats are all the craze this fall. It’s a very easy and comfortable trend. Pair fitted pants/skirt with your oversized sweater or coat to give yourself a figure.


Don’t be afraid to wear colored shoes. They go with just as many things as black and brown. They are great for a pop of color.


I have a weakness for House of Harlow.





QLDn-D3n614zxIhszwhCpcWZKy-zN3JZZgdGEfnypsIHandbag – 6pm.com (Marc by Marc Jacobs) Sale $300

GXyP4IO-oiu3ATqiZijXKGMtAo-ssWCPYK1QpoCZv5IGreen Leather Clutch – Red Racks Thriftstore $3.99,  NYC chain bracelet – Nordstrom $29.99

Sequins & Leather 8/11/14

If it’s oversized and sparkles, chances are Maddie and I love it.


Leather is in again this fall which is A-ok with me! Graphic Tees have taken over the planet. Wear them into fall by layering them with a blazer, chambray, or flannel.


Bored of the same ‘ol nail colors? Jazz up those talons with a triangle or shape of your choice. It takes your nails from pretty to a work of art.


Sequin Blazer- Lulu’s Boutique (Robert Rodriguiz) $34, “God Save the Queen” Tee – Forever 21 $4.99, Leather Skirt – Wilson’s leather Name Brand Clothing $9.99,

Sunglasses – Forever 21 $4.99, Ring – Nordstrom Rack (House of Harlow) $22.00, Watch – Halls (Marc by Marc Jacobs) $200, Green Leather Clutch – Red Racks $3.99,  Boots – Old,

Earrings – Lulus Boutique $12.99


q3q9OF21Kc4Ah_5AFlQrndScUhOAVNSXyWrDCIdgQS4Happy GirllI-LDRVzqEQTsTHl8mPpOvlPLAwtKPsnxI7Fg6GKyUM


Maddie Found a Mate <3


Maddie and I decided to open our gang up to one more.


Maxi Dress – Ross $9.99, Sun Hat – BCBG Sale $16.00, Cowboy Boots – Charlotte Russe $9.99, Denim Jacket – Old Navy (old), Earrings – Forever 21 $4.80


Windy, but beautiful day on the Plaza


Try making your maxi dress a complete look. Tie it all together with a short fitted jacket and accessories.


If you have a curvier body type, try a solid color maxi instead of horizontal stripes. They tend to exaggerate curves and width.


If you are sick of always pairing sandals with your dresses, try a cowboy boot. It’s a nice change of pace.


Bracelet – BCBG Sale $9.99. Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift), Ring – Forever 21 $4.80


Maddie and I have realized it takes a lloonngg to time to get to where you want to be. Just enjoy the ride.



Until that day comes, it’s nice to have someone to lean on.

Overall, it was a good day…


Overalls – Forever 21 $22.80, Button Down – Ross $19.99, Black Tee – Ross $7.99, Necklace – Juicy Couture


There is nothing more comfortable than overalls. It doesn’t hurt that they look effortlessly stylish.


Strolling through Waldo




Waldo lights



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